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Did I Just Pee My Pants

I talk about fake pee stories. Some high thoughts. A encounter with a horn user. Being late to stuff. With so much more I think. Email me: 

Best Foot Forward

Chris catches up on what he's been up to lately. 

Wasn't Expecting That

Chris talks about his vacation to Sedona and meeting crazed smoke shop owner. Also shopped knives with family, Stella causing old people to freak out, talked about the year ending....

I've Been F***** Up

Chris talks about his most recent F*** ups and accidents. But breaks down the last 3 weeks. 

Loose Cannon

Chris talks about the one chip challenge. How he hates social media. Talks about a time he threw up at Texas Roadhouse. Etc.  Follow us on instagram: @chrisholbrook92 add me on Twi...

Choose Your Battles

This is the first real episode of Demon Fighters. The guys discuss addiction, self talk, co parenting and much much more. Go follow it on podbean. https://demonfighterspodcast.podb...

Don't Worry

Chris talks about the starting a couple more podcasts, not stressing about things, and the election. Should be fun sugars. Follow us on instagram: @chrisholbrook92 @ericmichaelbeam...

Demon Fighters

The guys catch up and discuss the struggles of being a single dad, Halloween, and new podcast name. Follow us on instagram: @chrisholbrook92 @ericmichaelbeam add me on Twitter: @ch...

Patreon Preview

So this is an older episode from a couple of years ago that's on guess where? Patreon. Site is up and working and you guys are gonna love the deals. Follow us on instagram: @chrish...

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